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Advanced Veterinary Clinic is the state of the art of veterinary medicine in Bahrain, where your pet’s health is our top priority through high quality, professional and genuine personal service.

Compassionate Care For Your Pet

We offer a friendly pet environment with our own SEPARATE waiting areas and consultation rooms for both cats & dogs! This ensures your pet does not feel vulnerable, stressed or anxious before being seen by the vet.

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Advanced Veterinary Clinic

Compassionate care for your pet

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We are equipped to provide major and minor surgical services for your pet using the latest equipment and safest anesthesia procedures.

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Intensive care unit

Parvo virus for dogs and panleukopenia virus for cats will require intensive care and close monitoring around the clock. Our clinic provides separate isolated wards outside the clinic premises.

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Completely separate hospitalization wards for cats and dogs monitored 24/7. Rest assured your pets are in safe hands and cared for after procedures.


Ringworm isolation room

Our isolation rooms are equipped for cats with fungal infection which are zoonotic to humans. We keep them isolated until full recovery so they are returned safely to your family.

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