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Advanced veterinary clinic is the state of art of veterinary Medicine in Bahrain, where your pet’s health is our top priority through high quality, professional and genuine personal service. At Advanced Veterinary Clinic you will find highly trained, experienced veterinary professionals who love animals and are dedicated to providing the best and most compassionate care as possible.


At AVC you’ll find highly trained, experienced veterinary professionals who love animals, and are dedicated to providing the best and most compassionate care as possible.


We offer a friendly pet environment with our own SEPARATE waiting areas and consultation rooms for both cats & dogs! This ensures your pet does not feel vulnerable, stressed or anxious before being seen by the vet.


Advanced Veterinary Clinic is the state of the art of veterinary medicine in Bahrain, where your pet’s health is our top priority through high quality, professional and genuine personal service.


Book your consultation with one of our vets, Dr Ahmed Azeim – Founder & Medical Director, Dr Caroline Gaspar – Veterinarian.


Dr Ahmed A Azeim – Founder & Medical Director

Dr Ahmed A Azeim accredited from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Founder and medical director has been in Bahrain since 2012 providing the best veterinary care in Bahrain to companion animals.


Dr Caroline Gaspar


Hello, I am Doctor Caroline, your new French and English speaking vet in Dr Ahmed’s team at Advanced Veterinary Clinic. After managing my own clinic for 10 years in Belgium and teaching at the University of Liège, I have decided to take a new challenge in Bahrain. 

I have a great affection for animals, especially dogs and cats. I’m interested in new surgical techniques and always keeping aware about the evolution of medicine. I practice internal medicine and convenience surgery for dogs, cats, and exotics pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, & rats.

It is with pleasure that I will take care of your lovely companions! See you soon..


Nasreen AlAmri

Clinic Manager & Vet Technician

Majorie Bautista

Vet Technician

Fiona Zamudio

Vet Technician


Mohammed Ahmed

Finance & Procurement Manager

Roqaya Hameed

HR Manager & Receptionist

Rose Roque




We are equipped to provide major and minor surgical services for your pet using the latest equipment and safest anesthesia procedures.


Completely separate hospitalization wards for cats and dogs monitored 24/7. Rest assured your pets are in safe hands and cared for after procedures.


Our isolation rooms are equipped for cats with fungal infection which are zoonotic to humans. We keep them isolated until full recovery so they are returned safely to your family.


Parvo virus for dogs and panleukopenia virus for cats will require intensive care and close monitoring around the clock. Our clinic provides separate isolated wards outside the clinic premises.


We are proud to be the first clinic in Bahrain to offer Cryosurgery for pet animals. The CryoPen uses a state-of-the-art linear compression cooling technology to freeze tissues. In a matter of seconds, we can permanently remove most common animal skin pathologies, such as warts and small skin tumors, mouth tumors, adenoma, perianal adenoma, ear tumors, epulis, sarcoid, aberrant or extra eyelashes (distichiasis), and more with minimal stress and discomfort without Anesthesia.


Does your pet suffer from allergies such as itching, paw licking, hot spots, recurrent skin, ear or eye infections that never go away? AVC is the first clinic in Bahrain to provide accurate allergy diagnosis and treatment options for your pets, in association with Spectrum Vet. Laboratory – SPOT Platinum (Arizona USA) SPOT Platinum can be routinely tested for 91 allergens in small animals.


Dental disease leads to health issues with the heart, liver and kidneys, and can affect the entire body through the bloodstream. Just as with humans, dental care is vital to a pet’s health. We can help protect your pet’s teeth with regular cleanings and preventative procedures, as well as performing tooth extractions when necessary.


Our radiology reports are supported with Synergy VIP Veterinary Imaging Partners USA, which is comprised of a team of board-certified radiologists. It’s our goal to provide your pet with the highest level of medical care possible, and this is just one of the many ways we achieve that.


Complete in-house veterinary laboratory using high edge hematology, chemistry analyzer and urinalysis. Rapid tests are available for Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasma, Tick Fever, Parvo, Giardia and Canine Distemper as well as Fiv/Felv for cats. Results are turned around within 15 minutes! Histopathology are referred to Finn Pathologists in the UK. Pet travel blood testing is also available in coordination with many pet relocation companies in Bahrain. We will provide you with the health certificates needed for your pet relocation to any country


All veterinary formulated food are available at the clinic for your pet medical needs.


Advanced Veterinary Clinic is the first clinic in Bahrain to receive an International Silver Standard Cat Friendly Clinic Certificate accredited from the international society of feline medicine ( ISFM)

The Silver Standard Cat Friendly Clinic offers:

Waiting areas that are specifically designed for cats
Secure and fully equipped consultation rooms
Dogs and cats are separated in the wards with appropriate cage sizes
Cat-friendly pheromones to help cats feel comfortable
Special feline instruments for diagnostic tools and anesthetic monitoring devices

AVC focuses not only on meeting the criteria but also being passionate and providing intensive care and support for the cats. We provide an environment that is safe and creates less stress. Our staff is trained to approach and practice various handling techniques to build a bond between patients and enable owners to trust us with their pets.

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